Community Awards

WYND is committed to providing services and a collaborative workspace, while caring for the community, employees and the environment.
Since 2014, WYND has been awarded as the Caring Company by The Hong Kong Council of Social Services. The Caring Company Scheme aims at promoting cooperation between the business and social services community and building a society of sustainable development, care and shared achievements.

WYND has been commended as Energywi$e Certificate since 2021 by the Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification. The Energywi$e Certificate is established to encourage Hong Kong companies in adopting measures to save the energy within their establishments and recognize the energy saving efforts of those companies. Recognized by the Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification, we will continue striving to contribute to a high level of environmental protection.

Since 2017, WYND has been commended for the Partner Employer Award from the Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business Limited.
The Scheme promotes the caring culture among the employers. It recognizes local companies for providing internship and training for young graduates and employing the disabled, ethnic minorities and others.

Happy Company 5+ 2024

WYND has been awarded as Happy Company for over 5 years since 2020. This scheme is organized by Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), which aims to promote happiness at work and improve the happiness index in Hong Kong. We are committed to building a pleasant and happy working environment for our members and staff.

The HSBC Living Business Caring for People Award recognizes SMEs with significant achievements in social caring and community engagement. WYND cares for the people, including our employees and the community. Staff is our important assets and we value their professional training, personal development and safety. We are willing to give back to society through donations and charity. We have been actively participating to HSBC Living Business awards since 2016.

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