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Resilient Leader Secrets Masterclass

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Recover from Setbacks in Your Business and Thrive… Without Hustling Harder or Working Longer Hours!

About this Event

A 7-Week LIVE On-Line Course – No Travel Required!

Join Bernice Lee, coach and trainer, and other mission-driven entrepreneurs and business managers who are all committed to break through to their next best level! Discover scientific, evidence-based strategies and techniques that help you bounce back faster from adversity, and achieve the business results you want, while feeling positive, productive and creative!

You won’t be attending “just another course”

Bernice will break down what she’s done to recover from major career setbacks with easy-to-follow systems you can use, over and over. It’s time to stop being tired and stressed out, trying to “do it all”. Instead, create the daily habits to truly become a Resilient Leader.

Her events attract an incredible group of entrepreneur and business managers who are or who have been exactly where you are today. You’ll get to know them and learn how they’ve been successful with Bernice’s systems, while also joining together to advance your business and balancing your life!

Curious if this Masterclass is for you? Let’s see!

Does any of this sound familiar?

 You’ve been in business for a while but feel stuck – stuck with your income, your model, or your time…

 Or maybe you’re in a big transition with your work and desire the strategies and techniques to support your new focus…

 You know you have it in you to be positive and productive, but it’s been hard to get out of your rut…

 You’ve gone through other programs, trainings or events and still aren’t where you want to be…

 You struggle with staying positive – you find yourself feeling discouraged, distracted or derailed after having a negative interaction or experience

 You’re tired of being tired, stressed, overwhelmed and overworked

Instead, do you want…

 To get the business results you want, while being more “chilled out”

 Feel less bothered when you have negative conversations with staff, clients or other key stakeholders in your company

 Sleep better

 Be more mentally focused and productive

 Feel more confident in your ability to overcome difficulties

 Stop doing things that don’t serve you

 Start doing things you enjoy again

 Know what strategies are uniquely best for YOU to build and enhance your personal resilience

Does that sound like you?

Then join us for the Resilient Leader Secrets Masterclass!

This Masterclass is about giving you the clarity, systems, connections and breakthroughs YOU need to be recover faster from setbacks, get through crisis, and get back to business with a “can do” spirit!

Even if you’ve “been around the block” with many other programs or events, but still aren’t where you want to be… we often find that once you learn what Bernice teaches, you’re able to go back to other lessons and apply them even better!

Bernice’s systems nurture poised, confident leaders!

So if you’re ready to make a shift in your life NOW, then join us and other mission-driven entrepreneurs and business managers for Resilient Leader Secrets!

See what students who have attended Bernice’s course have to say…

“ At work I have to deal with a lot of negative emotions every day when I interact with prospects, team members or clients and now I can handle them effectively. I never imagined I’d say this but now I meditate and journal every week, which has changed my whole life!” ~Kevin Mok , Insurance Agent

“Trying to be perfect mother I wanted [my daughter] to get into a top school, which was toxic for our relationship. By working on my mental state and using strategies Bernice taught me I was able stop my own negative behaviours and be helpful and supportive to my child instead.” ~Dr. Liyuan Yu , Physician

“I used to work myself to the bone but Bernice reminded me how important my health is. I switched to a plant-based diet and now exercise every day. I have lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks! I feel more energetic, healthier and able to focus better.” ~John Chew, CEO, The Kelly Yang Project

“My wife said she’s never seen me so chilled out before!” ~Gavin Yeung, Founder, Cryptocurrency Trading Firm

What you’ll learn

 The science of emotions

 A scientific model of emotional intelligence in the workplace

 Identify your go-to resilience strategies

 Create your own personal resilience plan

 Discover reactive and proactive strategies to deal with negative events and emotions

 Explore how your physical well-being directly impacts your resilience

 Develop a resilient mindset

 Create an environment that helps you to be calm and focused

 Learn how to surround yourself with supportive, helpful people

 Get your questions answered

 Receive real time coaching and mentoring

What you’ll experience

 Valuable Information PLUS…

 Real Time Practice

 Insightful Group Discussions

 Life-Changing Connections

 Inspiring Student Stories

What you’ll take away

 Increased Self-Awareness

 Increased Confidence

 Success Mindset

 A Plan & Clear Systems

 Resilience Strategies

 Ongoing Support

 Refined Tools & Skill Sets

 Leave Inspired & Empowered

Resilient Leader Secrets Masterclass Event Schedule

All times listed are in Hong Kong time

Session 1: Laying the Foundation

Session 2: Physiology

Session 3: Thinking

Session 4: Thinking

Session 5: Environment

Session 6: Relationships

Session 7: Completion Session

When you invest Resilient Leader Secrets, you’ll be getting…

1. The Resilient Leader LIVE Masterclass so you can learn how to bounce back from setbacks with science-based methods (US$497 value)

2. Resilient Leader Blueprint so you have a roadmap to building resilience (US$97 Value)

3. Resilient Leader Workbook with the strategies and techniques we learn and also create your own Resilience Plan (US$27 Value)

4. Unlimited Access to Private Facebook Group so you can ask questions and get support from other students and me! (US$297 Value)

TOTAL VALUE = US$918 (HK$7,160)


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Thursday, 25 February 2021 - 19:00
Thursday, 18 March 2021 - 20:30




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