Best Coworking App Guide 2020

Communication seems to be a big doubt for every single coworking team. Working at a coworking space, you have lots of chances to discuss with partners or potential clients. However, when you are expanding your business and form an energetic team, the internal communication issue may become your biggest obstacle.

Conversation with colleagues among the team is more frequent and comprehensively conducted compared with socializing in the common area. Leaders in coworking teams have been struggling to find the most efficient way to interact with each other. Issues usually relate to the delay of data sharing and late response to the surrounding business environment

WYND Coworking Tips and suggestion

WYND team has realized the damage made to startups due to these cases. As a startup fighter, you should always utilize your workers and never miss any chance. Hence, we have gathered all the information about the most advanced communication tools for building your own network in a coworking space.


Considered as one of the best apps for communication and collaboration in the market right now. “Where Work Happens” which is their iconic slogan really works out on their application.

Private or public channels specifically built for a project or a team at the same time. It allows the connection with the external partners as you do with your own team. 

Strong backstage support allows instant word, voice, image and video conversation. With Slack, any document can be shared within a group with any access at any location.  



With a precise and clear interface, Asana is exceptionally easy to understand, use and adopt. Simply usage which is the target of Asana fastens the communication process.

Creating, tracking and managing inside the team is real-time under Asana. The biggest advantage of Asana is its smart and graphical way to control the progress of your project. 



As a startup team founder, you may prefer a highly customizable and self-hosted server in order to keep your project secret. Mattermost, which is specifically engineered for security-conscious IT development teams, is one of the best options available.

Users can maintain full ownership and control of their own IP and customer data protected by your own firewall and VPN. Data in transit and at rest is also well protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

Mattermost allows deployment to any other cloud service providers with regional (law and regulation), industrial and company-specific customization. With the open-source code, any APIs or drivers can be accessed via Mattermost online platform.



If you are still struggling to choose the most suitable team chatting application, Samepage can possibly be your choice at the moment. Samepage provides almost all the features from text-messaging to complicated content management for you.

With diverse apps integration, desktop-mobile connection, professional administrative tools, and secured file management, Samepage may be the most comprehensive coworking app you can even find in the market.

Samepage is the leading collaboration software for all the departments included in your corporation while you can easily build a cross-department team for enhancing the efficiency of specialization of each employee.



As a still-growing startup, you should be eager to keep your company development fast or at least following the planned schedule. Igloo is a perfect tool for your team to focus on your current project and make sure that they can be completed on time.

Seamlessly connected with Azure (Microsoft cloud service) and integrating with all the essential tools, including Dropbox, G Suite, and Box, your team can effectively manage all the resources prepared.

Dedicated online space for project teams and central place for sharing important notices, Igloo can help you to solve any business challenges you are possibly facing in the future.

Improve Productivity, Driving Innovation, Create Competitive Advantage & Enable Company Culture.


CHoosing your own application

As a coworker, the first thing you should choose is a suitable coworking space for you, then the second thing is a great software / app for guiding you to work. Before you choose your applications, you may consider the following factors. 

Features Needed

As a coworker, you may come from diverse industries, the features and functions required for your daily operation differs. You may look for an app providing a wide range of tools at the beginning, then changing to a more professional one which focuses on your most wanted aspect.

Easy or Comprehensive in use

People pursue the highest efficiency in work nowadays, therefore, they may consider a highly adaptive and easy to use application for their team. It usually ends up changing to a more professional software since the previous one may have a lower standard. Therefore, taking the time to test for well-organized software can possibly save your time.

Privacy is money

Your information and privacy should be kept as the highest secret of your business. Besides, a discount or just a basic version may lower the security level of the application. The loss caused by the leak of private information can become a huge disaster.

Real-time workflow

The time cost is the biggest cost of working as a coworker. Hence, a cloud-sharing platform for seamless collaboration between you and your partners are essential. You should search for comments and feedback on the performance of the cloud service provided by the software company. The latency in transferring data may cost you more than expected.

Potential of software

An omnipotent software is still not yet to be existing at the moment. Therefore, the ability to integrate with other applications and the compatibility with diverse file types deepen the potential of the software. It also means that your app can be sustainable as long as possible by combining with the latest technology.

In short, WYND team is always looking for the best for our coworking community. If you find our guide for coworking app useful, you may take a free day free or book a tour of WYND. Located in Central, Lan Kwai Fong,  WYND Co-working Space is your best choice to start up your own business.

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