Coworking Space Under COVID-19

Under the threat of COVID-19, a well-organized coworking space should take the full responsibility to arrange a safe environment for the community.

Connecting Coworking Space, Start-up & Budget 2020

Coworking space has given birth to many start-ups since coworking becomes a trend. However, have you realized the relationship between coworking space, start-ups and Budget 2020? Let’s explore it with WYND team and find your opportunities here with us. The 2020/21 Hong Kong Budget was issued last month by the Financial Secretary Chan Mo Po …

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When you see the title, I believe many people these days will immediately think of Corona Virus.It began in January 2020 in Asia and has now in March 2020 spread to more than 100 countries. This is a new Virus and confirmed Medical treatment has not yet been certain.This is the reason that we all are …

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Best Coworking App Guide 2020

Communication seems to be a big doubt for every single coworking team. WYND team is now introducing your the best guide for coworking app 2020.

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