‘New Normal’ with Covid-19: Top 3 Strategies for Companies to Prepare for Future Pandemics

As Covid-19 caseloads plateaued, the Hong Kong government has further relaxed social-distancing measures in mid-May. However, it is not guaranteed that Hong Kong is completely Covid-free. No one can predict whether the sixth wave will hit the city again. To keep your business competitive amid the pandemic, knowing how to navigate through Covid-19 crisis is crucial. Here are 3 things that companies can do to tackle the current or any future pandemic situation:

1. Look after existing clients- building strong relationship

As Covid-19 changes the economy, operations would alter as well. It is vital to inform all clients and keep them aligned with companies’ values and policies. Also, offering low-cost extras like discounts or loyalty programs during these difficult times can respond to customers’ financial needs and gain their trust in your company. It is more efficient to keep your current clients than finding new ones.

👉 WYND constantly communicates with our clients for updates and provides them assistance upon request. We also make sure our employees know all of the arrangements to avoid any misunderstandings.


2. Protect employees’ mental and physical health- creating a flexible workspace

It is important to ensure that employees’ well-being is in good condition. Without them, businesses cannot be run. Air ventilation system should be installed in the office to purify the air and increase fresh airflow. In addition, your company can host online team-building meetings regularly to provide employees a platform to socialise and express their thoughts freely during the pandemic. More importantly, a flexible workspace is what employees need. Some workers may need to work from home due to the pandemic while some needs a private space outside to work. Therefore, collaborating with coworking spaces to offer workers hot desk services would be a great choice. WYND provides no-commitment hot desking day passes. Click here to learn more.

👉 Clients’ and employees’ health is our top priority! WYND has an ozone generator installed to disinfect the working area. Windows are always open to improve airflow inside the coworking space. WYND also provides flexible schedules for our meeting rooms so that clients can make reservations easily.  

3. Re-study market landscape- seeking for opportunities

It is advised to always consider what will happen in the future, not just today. Stay alert about the new changes in your industry and make amendments when necessary. Because of the rapid variations of Covid-19, stakeholders like suppliers, customers and the government are all adversely impacted. Therefore, the economy will be greatly affected as well. Identifying your company’s position and clients’ purchasing behaviours will help your business stay up to date and seize opportunities to fill in the gaps within the market.

👉 WYND keeps an eye on the co-working community closely all the time! We strive to embrace new norms and keep up with the newest trends in the industry by studying what’s going on in other co-working spaces in Hong Kong.


Maintaining competitiveness while living through a global pandemic is tough for every business. However, any crisis can be turned into an opportunity. With effective planning and hope, companies from all sectors will thrive stronger than ever during these unprecedented times and be prepared to face other obstacles in the future with experience. Let’s remain positive and wish that the pandemic will end soon!

Please click here if you want to know more about how WYND operates during the pandemic.

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