What makes Central such a great place to conduct business?

Benefit #1: An ideal location for business running

Central (Central District) is the central political and business district of Hong Kong city. As the central business district of Hong Kong, it is the area where many multinational financial services corporations have their headquarters. Consulates general and consulates of many countries are also located in this area, as is Government Hill, the site of the government headquarters. Many multinational financial services corporations have set up their headquarters in the area.

For start-ups and small businesses, it is practical to start looking for offices in the Central Business District of Hong Kong, where location, business connections, and transportation are more ideal and fully grown. It provides both a respected business address and unrivalled access to some of the world’s largest financial corporations and multi-national companies. The area has been a centre for trade and financial dealings since 1841 and the British colonial era, making it one of the world’s most established areas in which to do business.

Benefit #2: A favourable location and connection for business-related activities

Creative enterprises

Central is surrounded by different kinds of commercial and cultural buildings and firms that could build an extraordinary network in business activities and events. For example:

PMQ (formerly, Police Married Quarters), is the historic site of the old Hollywood Road Police Married Quarters, which was originally the grounds of Queen’s College, which was built on the site in 1889. It is now a mixed-use arts and design venue in Hong Kong, situated between Aberdeen Street, Staunton Street, Hollywood Road, and Shing Wong Street. The compound has been listed as a Grade III historic building since 2010. Its residential units were turned into exhibitions spaces, studios, shops and offices for creative enterprises, where gathered numerous potential business partners and commercial opportunities, and connections.


Also, there are lots of headquarters buildings of banks that are located in Central, which not only provides business owners to handle business trades in the capital market immediately and precisely but also obtain professional supports on investment instantly. For example:

HSBC is one of the major banks in Hong Kong. The HSBC Main Building is a headquarters building of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, which is today a wholly-owned subsidiary of London-based HSBC Holdings. It is located on the southern side of Statue Square near the location of the old City Hall, Hong Kong (built-in 1869, demolished in 1933).

Further, the Standard Chartered Bank Building is a skyscraper also located in Central, Hong Kong. The building is 191 metres tall. Architect Remo Riva of Palmer and Turner led the building’s design. The building is shaped so that the occupants can enjoy views of both Statue Square and Government Hill.

Benefit #3: A supreme place for social gathering after work

There are also all kinds of restaurants and fashion stores in this district so that local people and visitors prefer to go shopping here. And contains a good selection of parks, hotels, and restaurants, making it ideal for socialising and relaxation after work. In addition, there are many points of interest and Hong Kong landmarks in Central. For example:

Victoria Peak

From the fantastic viewpoint of Victoria Peak which overlooks the Central, you can see many new and old architectural buildings regarded as landmarks on Hong Kong Island.

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Lan Kwai Fong

As the most famous area for nightlife in Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong provides lots of restaurants and bars. It’s quite popular among the young and visitors to have a little drink when nights come.

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Things around us~

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