Building Relationships at a Co-working Space

As the situation became stabler these days, WYND held gatherings for the members. It has been a while since we all gathered. These are great opportunities to allow everyone to build relationships, to relax and have fun in our co-working space under stressful condition. 

Happy hour (18 Jun)

On the 18th June, we had a mini party in our office to unite all our members! Here we would like to express our gratitude to our fellow member, Peter from Legerity Financials for sponsoring Beer Hound’s best crafty beers for the event! 

Happy Hour in WYND Co-working Space

Here are some recaps of our gathering! It is believed that spending time for gatherings can reduce work stress and foster partners’ relationships! We hope our members had a great time that afternoon. 

Happy Hour in WYND Co-working Space

Charity Golf (19 JUN)

Apart from the activities in our co-working space, we also organised activities outdoors for members to enjoy the sunshine and nature! The Charity Golf is one of the annual events in WYND and the following is some recaps of the event.

7 years in a row as sponsor and this year is no exception. A perfect day out with a meaningful clause. On the 19th June, we sponsored the Lifeline Express Charity‘s Golf Day. The Lifeline Express Charity is a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong (IR File No: 91/4895) established in 1997, providing free cataract operations on a train for the underprivileged living in the remote areas in Mainland China. Further, Lifeline Express is a purpose built hospital eye train, comprising four compartments, with the latest medical equipment and eye care technology. From charity to joy, we believe that our members had tonnes of fun that day!

Golf Day sponsored by WYND Co-working Space

Stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you in our future events!

WYND Co-working Space

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