Co-working may be a better choice for all in our generation

Our world keeps changing rapidly that we may not be able to catch up with its pace. We may not instantly recognize that our working idea and environment have been changed dramatically in the past few decades while a cutting-edge concept is evolving to take over the existing form of office working nature. You may have heard of it – sharing economy, or more specifically, co-working.

According to some research made in recent years, by 2030, nearly 80% of active employees will be Millennial generation. It means that how the young generation treats their job and life will directly influence the trend in the job market and this will be happening not so far. Most of the current businessman may still prefer a regular working hour which they are used to as the majority of the population are working in the same attitude. However, when the old-time starts to fade, a new era will be coming soon.

How do those newcomers in the job market expect their future?

In today’s society, work-life balance is an essential element for them while constant passion and motivation towards their work and task should never be ignored at the same time. Jumping out of the traditional office setup, a young businessman is pursuing a higher standard in a working environment with freedom and relaxing atmosphere. Not wanting to be bound by the old system, graduates are eager to develop their own business instead of fighting for a great position in a large corporate.

They are looking for a place combining flexibility and innovation which is favouring their start-up business.

Consequently, the number of a start-up business is sky-rocketing while the environment of an old school office is no longer suitable for them. That’s why the demand for co-working space has increased from 5,800 to 13,800 between 2014 and 2017 according to the Deskmag’s Global Working Survey. It may not be confirmed that the co-working space will be the ultimate form of working but the trend of business development is converging into the form of a shared economy. For this, a co-working space is a perfect platform for justifying the possibility generated from it.

In this article, several key factors advocating the usage of co-working space would be briefly discussed and here, you may find your own way to start a business in a co-working space.

Full of Opportunities

Living in a co-working space will let you expose in an area with freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent contractors and even job seekers. Most of them come in to seek an open and creative environment while it creates an excellent chance for you to meet, listen and learn from them. The free flow of amazing new ideas and concepts among active users in the co-working space is just mind-blowing. Finding your own opportunities here, you will get more than what you have expected, rather than just a place for data entry.

Maximizing Flexibility

Without contract-binding working hours and rental value, you are allowed to customize your own working schedule based on your own business nature, clients’ preference as well as your own trip. A fixed working hour offered by the traditional office will limit their freedom to create an innovative idea which is a long-term and inspirable process. Not limited to bloggers or freelancers, people holding business with moving nature can switch their office easily when they arrive in a new country. For start-ups business, co-working space also suits them in terms of specific development needs and cost control.

In some recent cases, a number of large corporations have moved part of their business, such as digital departments or other field departments to a co-working space to expand their business. The advantages of this act are to enhance creativity and flexibility with a lower expense. The decentralization of large corporates may further prove the value of co-working space.

Craving Community

Building a solid network within a co-working space is a piece of cake due to the fact that conversation and collaboration with an international entrepreneur are possible at any time. Growing up together with different titles in various companies provides the ground of natural opportunities for each of you. Living in this generation, sharing of life experience has become a daily habit for everyone. People are pleased and willing to share their own interest and value with their social-networking website as well as in a more community-like reality which is the nature of co-working space.

The linkage between work and play are increasingly blurred as the spirit of work hard, play hard is much appreciated. A workplace where offer people a sense of being involved in something greater than just “us” is preferred. Even you are not out-going or sociable, co-working space will be a room for you to develop and build a business network.

Comfortable and Relaxing Place

Another biggest benefit going in a co-working space will be minimizing the effort to design your own space. With a well-designed workplace and an extremely comfortable work experience, a co-working space can easily boost your employee’s performance. The design and decoration within the co-working space are well made to give users an environment where people feel relaxed and concentrated. Under such state, employees always deliver higher quality work than usual.

Besides, inside most of the co-working space today, various life elements have been seamlessly integrated into the workplace. Equipping the office with fun desks and other forms of entertainments surely reduce the stress of employees. Different workers inside the co-working space could neutrally chat with each other, further having fun together within the workspace with attending events together or even sharing a cup of coffee. These elements seem to be casually happening, but they actually form the core of a co-working space.

The way people measure their life value is a totally different story compared with the past. The value and vision of the new generation keep changing to match their own lifestyle. Material fulfilment is no longer the ultimate goal for most of us today, on the contrary, living in more meaningful and special life and gaining as much as possible life experiences from your surrounding are what those newcomers looking for. An inspiring and flexible co-working space is going to be your first step to make your dream life come true.

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