How are SMEs surviving during the pandemic?

COVID-19 is definitely not a nightmare to SMEs. The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) announced the “Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index” for the third quarter of 2020.

Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index

According to the report, the index is 29.8 with a mild growth comparing with the previous quarter. “Investment Sentiment” and the “Recruitment Sentiment” contributed the most among the five component sub-indices. The low level of the overall index reflected that SMEs are facing an immense challenge under the current situation.
However, the research has shown that around 40% of the SMEs remain or even increase the investment in this poor business environment. That means the SMEs are ready to set off once the uncertain situation in HK as well as the global getting stable.

The SMEs are seeking different cost-saving ways to maintain the operations. Under this situation, coworking spaces might be one of the good choices for you. Coworking spaces can offer you a wealth of advantages to resist the tough economy.

The benefits of working at Coworking space

  • Cost Efficiency
    Coworking spaces can save you the extra operation costs in the long run. Many a little makes a mickle. The built-in amenities eliminate overhead costs like printing services, furniture settings, internet connectivity, etc. Moreover, you can decide which options fit your budget and business features the most among different choices. This totally beneficial to SMEs.
  • Higher Flexibility
    Coworking spaces offer flexible agreements by scaling it at your own pace. The clients will not be bounded by a long term contract. You can seek the most suitable products by paying for only the spaces you need. It’s beneficial and harmless to try different memberships.
  • Collaboration Opportunities
    One of the benefits of working at coworking spaces is networking. You can connect with different people from various backgrounds. The networking events, catered lunches, and the happy hours can expose you to meet with different collaborators. A casual conversation may lead to collaboration opportunities.
  • Enhancing Productivity
    Coworking spaces provide you a working space to stay focus and concentrate. “Work from home” is a new phenomenon under the COVID-19 epidemic. It is believed that getting distracted is not strange to you if you have experienced “Work from home”. You may find hard to resist temptation at home. However, most of the coworking spaces have 24/7 access. It is easier to solidify the “work mode” and be productive in an office environment.

In our coworking space

Wynd is a community with a soothing working environment. We provide various kinds of options for you to run a business. However, relaxation is the key to enhance productivity as well. A balcony is available for our clients to take breaks and refresh themselves. You can work here with a bunch of benefits. If you are interested, you are welcome to check out our “Membership” page or arrange a tour for a visit to our office.

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