4 Tips to Be a Productive Office

We all want to have a comfortable office to enhance productivity. Neither of an employer, an employee or a customer wants to come to an office to work/have a meeting with some extremely creative designs expect some creative industries such as design industry, R&D. In this article, WYND team is going to briefly suggest some settings to become a productive office to improve working efficiency.


In this modern society, it is almost impossible for a business to work without Internet. From daily administration work, programme writing, to a campaign/product design, we all need a computer, and even a smartphone to work. If it is bright enough, it assists in creativity and concentration. In contrast, working in an office with poor lighting, it could be quite sleepy and not beneficial to concentrate on the work. As a result, it may lead to a variety of mistakes in the documents. Moreover, it is well-known that bad lighting could result in both physical and mental problems including headaches, eyestrain and stress. Therefore, good lighting is extremely essential in terms of working efficiency and health.

👉 Tips from WYND team: Apart from the lamp, natural sunlight is also beneficial to work. It is also a free and environmental-friendly lighting resource. Sometimes, going out to a balcony to feel the sunshine is beneficial to relax. In the CBDs in Hong Kong such as the Central district, it could be a rare case. However, it does exist like the below example:

Table and Chair

Working in an office requires us to sit for a long time on weekdays. We also need to type and write on a table too. Undoubtedly, posture affects our productivity and health so much, but we cannot ignore the fact that amenities matter. If you find yourself moving, adjusting all the time, it is probably because the table and chair are unsuitable for you to work for a long time. If the office chair is not ergonomic, it may cause damage to your health. (Read the importance here) One example of ergonomic office chair is Herman Miller. Also, an adjustable chair with pillow is highly recommended.


True, it seems a piece of very common knowledge, but sometimes we may not be aware too much compared to our home. It could be related to the busyness of work. Yet, it is an important issue when we work. Tidying up the documents, it would be more convenient to find the documents when it is needed. In contrast, if the workspace is too orderless, it could be an obstacle to creativity and concentration. Thus, before leaving the office, it would be great for everyone to spend 5-10 minutes to clean up all the things.

👉 Tips from WYND team: Nowadays, many of the companies would consider setting up a start-up company or a team in a coworking space to work for the reduction of cost and having a more flexible contract. Working in a coworking space as a hotdesk membership, we only have a shared desk. Hence, before choosing a shared space, sufficiently large storage is a must. A3 size of locker would be enough to store some documents, books and a laptop.

Relaxing Corner

Traditionally, an emotional problem is merely an individual problem. Nowadays, there is a rising trend of agreeableness that this is a social responsibility for a company to care about the emotional needs of the employee. To almost all the industries, depression would greatly lower the working performance, it is particularly applicable to the job, which requires creativity, such as marketing, screenwriter. It is widely understood that if there is a lack of psychologists or social workers in an office, it would be extremely difficult to cope with emotional problems. Thus, setting up a relaxing corner, building a comfortable network, these are some of the possible ways to assist in the coping of stress. Besides, everyone can also widen your networks and dimensions. Improving relationship, it would be much helpful to seek assists in case there is any difficulty in the office.

👉 Tips form WYND team: In encouraging this social responsibility, many of the chambers of commerce, large enterprises in Hong Kong have set up various prizes or awards for SMEs such as HSBC Living Business.

It is never an easy task to design/find the most suitable office with a balance of favourable and productivity, but WYND team is confident that everyone can put efforts in order to create a comfortable and productive environment for working.

Nowadays, due to the changing nature in Hong Kong, there is a rise of coworking space. Unlike finding a traditional office, it is very less likely to have a huge change in the design. Therefore, while looking for a productive environment, it is highly suggested to arrange a tour to WYND and experience the styles and check if it is comfortable and productive to work.

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