Upcoming Events Near Central, Hong Kong for You to Relax

WYND Co-working Space is always searching for meaningful events for our community as we wish that our members can have a perfect balance between their duties and lives. Locating in Wyndham Street, Central, our coworking space is surrounded by cultural and artistic atmosphere with historical heritages. After everyday working hours, our space is transformed into a flexible venue for holding any events. If you are interested in organizing events in Central, come and visit our place, you will find your perfect place here.

Besides, our team has found out several special events near Central to share with you all hoping that you can relax from the current tension in society and gain some unique insights from different fields. Enjoy and have fun!

🎪The AIA Carnival

Date: 12 Dec 2019 – 16 Feb 2020

Venue: Central Harbourfront Event Space – 9 Lung Wo Road, Central, Hong Kong

Website: https://tgec.asia/

Details: The 6th Anniversary AIA Carnival is coming back towards the end of 2019. The amazing event has become one of the most significant entertainment events for Hongkongers to have fun and enjoy. With rides, toys and other great performances, everyone can bring home with unforgettable memories with family and friends. Keep tracking on their page and don’t miss any discount from them. 

🎬Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the year of the future

Date: 5 Oct 2019 – 4 Jan 2020

Venue: JC Contemporary – Tai Kwun (Block 20) – 10 Hollywood Road, Central

Theme: With the rapid technological development, most of the senses happening in cyberpunk fictions have come to reality from the virtual world. The organizers of this event want to know how genre’s aesthetics and futurisms have combined with art and visualized as modern culture.

Details: This special exhibition has gathered the creation of various artists with their fancy ideas and products showing their views about the future of art. Being part of the 21 century, each one of us may have different interpretations about this out of the box event, take a deep breath and see how you feel.

🚶‍♂️Central Street Art Tour – Accidental Art

Date: 3 Nov 2019 – 19 Jan 2020 (every Sunday)

Venue: G.O.D, 48 Hollywood Road, Central

Credit to Accidental Art: https://accidentalart.co/art-tour/

Website: http://timable.com/event/1868034

Theme: Central district is famous for its beautiful and historical street view but even some Hongkongers have not been aware of it. Hence, Accidental Art takes the chances to show locals and foreigners the beauty of secret streets in Central.

Details: Guided by experienced local tour guides, participants will be led to walk through different streets and road around Central understanding their history and taking photos. Enjoy the trip, find your favourite spot in Central and share with WYND.

📚Booked: Hong Kong Art Book Fair At Tai Kwun Contemporary

Date: 17 Jan 2020 – 19 Jan 2020

Venue: JC Contemporary – Tai Kwun (Block 20) – 10 Hollywood Road, Central

Credit to Tai Kwun: https://www.taikwun

Website: https://www.taikwun.hk/en/programme/detail/booked-hong-kong-art-book-fair-at-tai-kwun-contemporary/454

Theme: A platform for practitioners to express their ideas and for the public to enjoy and realize the greatness of their creations

Details: An art book fair joined by over 70 different publishers is hosted by Tai Kwun with interactive events, such as talks, workshops and special move included. Take a short break and immerse yourself in books and art.

WYND Co-working Space is located in Central district, in Lan Kwai Fong and near SOHO. If you are looking for a modern and lively coworking space for your startup or you are event organisers currently searching for event spaces, come and join us here, our space is your best choice.

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