How Can Anti-Epidemic Fund Help Different Industries

Anti-epidemic Fund by the Hong Kong Government

In order to stand with Hong Kong people during the coronavirus outbreak, our government has initiated the anti-epidemic fund. Supporting and assisting different industries and parties in the city, the funding worth $30 billion is set.

The government will provide sufficient resources for territorial-wide anti-epidemic work. Especially for badly affected sectors in society, they can receive additional support from the funding. The following parts will focus on several major benefitting sectors.

Working Family Allowance and Student Financial Assistance Households

For eligible working family allowance (WFA), they can receive a lump sum allowance which is equivalent to an additional two-month allowance. Two examples of the family combination are as follows:

  • A four-person household with two children may be entitled to a maximum of $6,400 Special Allowance. (i.e. two times of the maximum WFA payment at $3,200 per month)
  • For singleton households, the maximum Special Allowance would be $2,400 (i.e. two times of the maximum WFA payment at $1,200 per month)

For the financial assistance for student:

  • Each eligible household will receive a lump sum allowance of $4,640. This is two times the overall average monthly amount ($2,320) received by WFA households from 1 April to 30 September 2019 (i.e. $2,320 x 2).

For a special reminder, If a household receives both WFA and student financial assistance, the amount of Special Allowance it will receive is either WFA or the student financial assistance, whichever is higher.


Retail Sector Subsidy Scheme

A part of the anti-epidemic fund is used for relieving the pressure of the retail sectors. Retailing mainly refers to the resales of real goods to the public for personal or household consumption.

Under the one-off subsidy, each eligible stores can receive HK$80,000 from the program. The maximum amount of funds for a parent company is HK$3 million.

Eligibility stated by the government:

  • The applicant has to be conducting substantial and substantive retail business at a fixed physical and individually operated store in Hong Kong; and
  • The business commenced before 1 January 2020 and is still in operation at the time of application.

Application Period: 9:00 am 23 MAR 2020 – 11:59 pm 12 APR 2020

Application Website:

Anti-epidemic Support Scheme for Property Management Sector

The frontline property management (PM) workers require monetary support to maintain their daily operations. Under the ani-epidemic fund, they can receive personal protection gear and work in a safer environment. Besides, the cost of cleansing effort and burden on residents can be alleviated.

  • “Anti-epidemic Hardship Allowance”, eligible PM companies can deliver a $1,000 monthly allowance from February to May 2020
  • “Anti-epidemic Cleansing Subsidy”, eligible PM companies can take a $2,000 subsidy for each eligible building block

Application deadline: 15 APR 2020

Detailed Report (Chinese version only):

Food Licence Holders Subsidy Scheme

  • Provision of HK$200,000 to eligible license holders of the premises in operation including general restaurants, marine restaurants, and factory canteens
  • Provision of HK$80,000 to license holders of the premises in operation including light refreshment restaurants, fresh provision shops, food factories, bakeries, and siu mei and lo mei shops

Application Period: 9:00 am 5 MAR 2020 – 5:00 pm 4 MAY 2020

Application Website:

Subsidy for the transport sector

  • HK$20,000 for each licensed non-franchised public bus
  • HK$10,000 for each licensed school private light bus, hire car and goods vehicle.



Arts and Culture Sector Subsidy Scheme

On the other hand, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) has received dedicated support from the government for assisting various arts organizations and freelance arts workers.

  • HK$80,000 to 40 HKADC-grantees
  • HK$15,000 to about half of the HKADC-funded/-commissioned project grantees


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Coronavirus Outbreak

We have cited the major supporting funding provided for the business sector. At the same time, the government has also provided sufficient monetary and material support for the health and medical sectors. Including local mask production subsidy and enhancing support to the Hospital Authority, each one of the society can be benefitted from the anti-epidemic fund.

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