Coworking Space Under Coronavirus Disease

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News about the new coronavirus disease is widely discussed, it has become an urgent issue influencing everyone. Coworking space is still the best hub for talents to gather at the moment. It is essential for both the owner and tenants to take corresponding safety precautions during this special period.

Due to the nature of coworking space, the community consists of multinational professionals. As a coworker or freelancer, how you can respond so as to protect yourself and your family? WYND team is staying with you to walk through this tough time.

Coworking Tips for Every Coworkers

Stay Alerted and Keep Raising Awareness

Combating with an invisible enemy, you should keep an eye on all the related updates frequently. You should keep updating from the reliable sources or the official website. Spreading the important information with other coworkers is everyone’s responsibility.

coworking with safety precautions

  • You should frequently wash your hand with water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • When you have to contact with the others, you should make sure that you have your mask with you.
  • Unless for necessity, you should avoid touching your eye, nose, and mouth directly.
  • Checking your body temperature regularly and preventing contact with a person with flu-like symptoms are complementary too.

Keep social distancing In Coworking Space

According to the instruction by the Hong Kong Government, all community members should keep at least 1.5 meters between individuals. In the shared area, coworkers should maintain a safe distance. You should also avoid holding a crowded small conference room.

Sanitization is a must

Coworking space will provide sanitizing materials for members.

Whenever you enter or leave the coworking space, you should sanitize your hand with alcoholic sanitizer. Virus can attach to any surface and survive for around a few days. You should always sanitize your hands and belongings to protect yourself.

Connect others online

Coworking with online tools, like Skype or Zoom

Event organizers should postpone face-to-face activities to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus disease You can choose some virtual solutions, such as ZOOM, SKYPE or other video conference platforms. With screen sharing and collaboration tools, you can experience an efficient online workflow process.

Be sensitive to your own health

You must be the one who treasures your own health the most. If you feel unwell or sick, you should stay at home or look for a home office opportunity. In response to serious symptoms, like fever and cough, you must seek professional advice from doctors. More early you start the treatment, the higher the chance you can get healed fully.

WYND Co-working Space Community

WYND Coworking Space, Central, Hong Kong

As a community organizer, WYND Co-working Space has been working hard to protect our members since the outbreak of coronavirus disease . We are committed to the provision of a safe and well-protected coworking space.

WYND Team has implemented comprehensive measures as below:

  • All members and visitors have to measure their body temperatures before entering the office. The entry of anyone with high body temperature or fever is forbidden.
  • All members have to fill in an official health declaration form. Traveling history and health conditions should be stated clearly for the record.
  • Essential medical materials, including masks, alcoholic sanitizers, and thermometers are provided in sufficient quantity for every member.
  • Our team will keep updating important and must-know policies and news for our members via email and notice broad.
  • In order to ensure a safe distance, we will reduce half of the seats to keep members isolated safely for work.
  • You can always check out on NOWS.GOV.HK or Centre for Health Protection for the latest information.

WYND Co-working Space is staying with our great community all the time. Especially under such a tough period, WYND Team will take the sole responsibility to ensure a carefully guarded workspace for our community.

WYND Co-working Space

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