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Making everyday activities easier – Climbing stairs

Whether you want to stay fit or lose weight, daily physical activity is of the utmost importance. Those who lead a sedentary life with minimum exercise are at an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases, among other health issues. Exercising regularly is necessary, but a lot of people find choosing an activity and …

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When you see the title, I believe many people these days will immediately think of Corona Virus.It began in January 2020 in Asia and has now in March 2020 spread to more than 100 countries. This is a new Virus and confirmed Medical treatment has not yet been certain.This is the reason that we all are …

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The Importance of Exercise 1-2

運動の重要性 You must be surprised by this title.Many people do not do as easy and simple things as they know.Because of this simple title, we want to share a solid story with you. フィジカル・エクササイズとメンタル・エクササイズ There are two main types of exercise: physical exercise and mental exercise.This time we share physical exercise then mental exercise will …

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