The Importance of Exercise 1-2


You must be surprised by this title.
Many people do not do as easy and simple things as they know.
Because of this simple title, we want to share a solid story with you.


There are two main types of exercise: physical exercise and mental exercise.
This time we share physical exercise then mental exercise will be our next chapter.

As we have known currently numbers of elderly is increasing and some are very active.
If the elderly are in their 90s, imagine that era when they were born.
No doubt that it is a big difference in the living environment between nowadays and 90 years ago.

At that time, there were a lot of physical workers, working day and night.
The reason why elderlies are still so active now is that they have been continuing using their body for so many years, so even now they continue to keep their past lifestyle.

And presently our working style has been transferred to desk work and also transportation has become more convenient, these are the reason that we demand less from our body.

With this convenient lifestyle, it is impossible for us to walk the number of steps we need for every day.

Without exercise and we eat three meals daily, despite not being able to burn enough calories every day.

Now we have begun to rely on healthy foods to keep enjoy eating.

These days there are many types of healthy foods on the market.
It is common for women as well as men to eat healthy foods to maintain their health and weight control.


Can we really maintain our health and weight control just only eating healthy foods without doing exercise?
I prefer a natural way.

Everyone will get old!
You cannot keep your body healthy without doing anything!

Many people said that I did many exercises when I was a student, so I am okay.
But that is when you were a student
You have to realize that you are no longer a student

Comparing with yesterday you are already different!
Can you still talk about years ago or decades ago of yourself?

You will understand after you have climbed 50 steps at once.

Let’s talk about physical exercise.


Did you know efficient exercise and inefficient exercise?

It is not always good just doing exercise.
It is important to do exercise that fits your physical condition.

It depends on your purpose, such as training your heart, training your trunk, improving back pain, improving blood vessel aging or adding muscles to protect your bones, etc.

You can take step by step to improve your body parts and also you can improve several parts at the same time according to your physical condition.

You have to know your current physical condition.
Without correct knowledge, exercise can cause damage to your body.


Then please continue to do exercise!

Just persisting, no need to be reckless!
Just continue to do exercise according to your physical condition!

I am a lazy person, when I reach my goal, I will say “OK, done ! no more exercise” but this is wrong.
To maintain our physical condition, we must continue doing exercise.

If you do not keep it, your body will easily return to bad state.
I will say loud, please continue doing your exercise.

I do not wish you to waste your efforts.

Physical exercise is not only doing sports like gym, running, dancing, etc.
It can be cleaning the floor with a broom or cleaning windows with a rag, yes general house cleaning is a good exercise.

Picking up trash on the beach, games (TV games that use limbs) are great as well and you can create yourself.

What you need to do is to continue to do exercise!!!

It is a smart investment to spend your hard-working money on building a healthy body than on spending your medical expenses after retirement

No one will protect you !!!

Protect your body yourself !!!


Let’s extend our healthy life and enjoy our fabulous life as much as possible!



Mamie H. Ogata
Principal of OEUF Limited
Born in Hong Kong and educated in Tokyo. Returned to Hong Kong after eight years in Shanghai. Family’s background in medical, change her profession into Elderly Care after 20 years spent in architecture. An entrepreneur who introduces Japanese Elderly Care to Hong Kong from a different perspective. With partnerships in Japan and Taiwan.

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