Sharing Economy Benefitting 4 Major Industries

Coworking and Collaboration

As we all know, our human resources are scarce while we are not utilizing them currently. We can witness that the labor force in our city is not allocated satisfyingly for everyone. The waste of the workforce in a disappointing way is a real tragedy. Hence, the concept of sharing economy has been raising to cope with the situation.

“Sharing economy with “zero marginal cost” will be the only solution to save our race.”

Jeremy Rifkin, 2016

As the fastest growing business model in history, the sharing economy has attracted investors and startup(Miller, 2019). Benefitting from technological innovation, especially for mobile-based advancement, the exchange and sharing process of goods and services have been simplified. 

Technological Advancement

Young and aggressive entrepreneurs promote the concept of sharing via their own online platform. They act fast and spread their ideas widely around our society. Their revolutionary ideas have improved the living standard of the next generation. 

It takes time for their hypothesis to be proved and to become mature. In fact, some of them have been influencing the world positively already. In order to be ready for 2020, WYND team has helped you to scrutinize the latest development of the sharing industry. 

Shared Economy - Transportation

The application of sharing economy in logistics and transportation has been developed for years. Customers are enjoying more affordable, convenient and safer transportation options. Meanwhile, service providers are having sufficient supplies of workers.


The leader and accelerator of the ride-hailing service provider, Uber is described as “where revolutionaries gather to plot the future”. With the perfect combination of mobile apps, GPS and online payment, Uber has created a brand new ecosystem for private transportation.

Everyone with a car can potentially become a driver to earn a profit. Customers can take advantage of their flexible and premium moving alternatives. The outbreak of Uber has attracted different newcomers, including Lyft and DiDi for constructing a more complete business model around the world.

Hotel & Tourism

Traveling with hotel booking in advance is no longer the only option. Peer-to-peer accommodation has become a great alternative. The success of space sharing business is attributed to the willingness to share with the other, an advanced online rental platform and a transparent review system.


In 2018, Forbes has estimated Airbnb to be worth $31b USD and continues to dominate the house-sharing market. With listings in over 191 countries and more than 150 million users, nearly 50% of its users have replaced the hotels by local accommodation providers.

The rise of Airbnb has changed travelers’ minds that they don’t just pursue a lower living cost, but looking for more interaction with the locals. Vendors enjoy sharing their local experience with visitors who are wishing to have an unique journey. In short, Airbnb may have shaped the future of traveling for everyone.

Delivery Service

E-commerce or online shopping has become usual practice for every modern consumer. By Statista, the volume of the global shopping market is going to exceed $4 trillion USD in 2020. However, most of the suppliers are still struggling to optimate their delivery process. 


In order to utilize the idle manpower in the market, Pickupp has become a role model for solving the problem. This innovative logistics startup has surprised us by bringing 4-hours express delivery and on-demand courier services to the market. 

“Smart & Transparent, Cash on Delivery, 4hrs door-to-door”


With the Internet, apps and a mobile device, everyone with convenience can become the courier. A diverse supply network connecting is backing Pickupp for complete utilization of any usable resources with transparency. The spirit of sharing economy is revealed since it has solved the long-lasting issues about the delay and lack of manpower

Coworking Space -sharing ideas and space

“Space as a Service (SaaS) refines the concept of space products and service. By suiting different specific requirements of each client, the office area can attend nearly 100% of usage without wasting any inches.”

Every great idea needs an area for growth while coworking space is the perfect venue for it. The mature development of coworking space has proven the potential of SaaS and sharing economy.

Throughout the year’s evolution, the coworking industry is not just about renting, but competing for better community and collaboration diversity. Combining with professional events and festival gatherings, coworkers can soon build up their own business network.

In 2020, the value of coworking space will connect with the automation of interactive online applications for improving the overall user experience. Besides, more diverse industries benefiting from the niche-specific spaces are foreseeable. There will be coworking space serving for different purposes, such as cooking, music studio or even rural coworking.

The innovative application of shared spaces is mind-blowing and impressive. Based on the current trend, it is not difficult to believe that coworking is our future of work.

WYND Co-working Space

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Even though you may not want to be part of the sharing society right now, you should also try to take advantage of this trend. We usually underestimate the wisdom of an individual, but when we gather together sharing with each other, it matters.

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