Better Equip Yourself, Become the Most Tempting Co-workers

When you start a new page in a co-working space, you may find it difficult at first. Despite of the fact that you are doing the same jobs, the environment is completely different. Lots of people may consider a freelancer and a co-worker as the same but in fact, the style and responsibility are not identical. Here are some reminders for you during your co-working life. Being a good co-worker will not only make your business grow faster, but you can also become a valuable part of a well-organized co-working space.

1. Generous for appreciation

One should avoid plodding into the office, opening the laptop and starting your data entry practices. Keeping smiling and greeting in the morning can give the other co-workers fresh feeling. Giving fair appreciation toward each other in a co-working space can make the others feel respected and, hence it helps create an easy-going and peaceful venue for reinforcing the connection between each the co-worker. A cheerful and motivating attitude can influence your partners and further to nearby teams while you can now become both a user and a contributor to the space.

2. Maintaining Good Relationship

Constantly checking out the latest news and interesting facts, sharing about your point of view and discuss them with the others are some ways to get a good start to approach your potential collaborators. It shows that they are not merely working with an employee, but an interesting and wise person. You should also actively seek advice and suggestions from the others even issue is not a serious one as it gives you the chances to get to know more about the one sitting next to you.

Reminded that you should always avoid gossiping around the co-working space and trying not to respond to sensitive questions unless it is a must to be responded. Involving in groundless gossip may affect your professional outlook, instead, you should keep the line of communication open for everyone to prevent any misunderstanding.

3. A Proper Office Manner

Maintain a good office etiquette would be the most critical factor once you enter a co-working space. You should always try hard to recall any missed dialling and reply emails responsively. As a co-worker, the surrounding environment is changing continuously, you should get yourself ready for the opportunities in the next moment. On the other hand, your habits should also be managed carefully. As one of the users of the common area, you should take care of the others’ feeling into account all the time. Some simple actions such as filling used up materials, tidying up after the usage of the conference room. These gentle behaviours seem to be negligible, but they will leave help you to leave a good impression on the other co-workers.

4. Stay Focused and Positive

A positive mentality as a clerk should be constantly looking for your aims and keep working on them as hard as you can. Once you ascertain your target after repetitive testing and confirmation, you should build up your self-confidence strongly. As in a co-working space, you easily encounter various business officers, you may draw a comparison between yourself and the others. Some may find that a competitive environment would enhance productivity and improvement but most of them consider it as a source of pressure. Ignoring those distractions, you should believe what you are aiming at is correct and meaningful to either your company or the market. No matter how good or bad your neighbours doing, you still need to maintain your best quality of work and keep on searching for perfection for yourselves.

Besides, a humble mind can make your life in a co-working space more meaningful. One of the advantages of co-working area would be allowing co-workers to observe and investigate other’s work. You can recognize both your strength as well as weaknesses from the others. It will turn out that there is always someone better than you and what you have to do is to keep improving and motivating ceaselessly so that you can become the greatest of yourselves.

5. Sharing as You Can

As Humankind is the largest group or social animal, the nature of sharing is a joyful moment among us and that’s why the concept of co-working space is initiated today. Co-working space is built and created under the mindset of working and being better together inside the same place with different people. A co-worker is being benefited from the co-working area in many different ways and you can make it even better via advocating the custom of sharing and contributing.

The things being shared are not limited to snacks, drinks or tools, but all you can think of, like your ideas, knowledge, stories or even a joke. Every form of sharing is good enough for promoting this beautiful habit. However, those employees who are not often your friends may be stressful sometimes. You should hide your emotion and share with others only when you feel relaxed and have a positive mood. When you see the others undergoing frustration, a cup of fresh coffee with some word exchange of greeting will be adequate for showing your respect and caring to them.

6. Respect is always the truth

The essence of co-working business is built on trust and respect of people. Most of the equipment and appliance are shared within the office while everyone has the responsibility to provide a fair and sincere environment for each other. One should never dominate the place or disturb the others in unpleasant ways. Besides, due to the flexibility gained as a co-worker, if you want any form of collaboration with the others, you should always recognize his or her schedule so that you would not need to force them to fit your time slot. Furthermore, you may feel sad when someone is having a big success in the place where you cannot. Avoid being upset, instead, you could praise or even celebrate with her if she is well deserved to show your respect to them. Always paying attention to the others’ request and responding in a proper manner are the first step to earn their respect.

After reading through all the above elements to achieve success as a co-worker, the key of it is respect with no doubt. If you can think more carefully about both the others’ feeling and your own, you can realize the most appropriate attitude to treat your job and neighbours in a co-working space. Hope that all of you could find something meaningful from this article and it is believed that every single one of us could become a great co-worker in the future.

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