How to Eat Healthy Food

There are many types of superfood on sale today, but to be honest, do we know which one is good for us? All food has their own nutrition except the one that have problems.

However, it is necessary to grasp what cannot be digested due to excessive intake or chronic illness.

We would like to introduce an interesting investigation about food.
The investigation is about “What do healthy elderly people over 100 years old eat?”
The result is not what kind of food that healthy elderly people over 100 years old like to eat, the result is about the food with sufficient combination of nutrition.
The data have been verified by the Nutritionists.

For example: salmon and broccoli

Nutrition of salmon is rich in astaxanthin of red pigment component of salmon, DHA ,EPA, vitamin.
Broccoli’s nutrition is very rich in vitamin C

We can enrich their nutrients when they are eaten together.
Eating food with high nutrients together does not always enrich themselves, and in some cases they may counteract each other and reduce each other’s nutrients.

You can get more efficient nutrition by putting salmon and broccoli into the same meal instead of eating them separately.

Other efficient combinations of nutrition:

Some strange combination is:

『玉ねぎ + ハチミツ + ヨーグルト』
“onion + honey + yogurt”.

It seems to be effective and improved in the intestinal environment.

I love to eat but I am lazy and a picky eater.
I would like to eat a delicious and nutritious meal if possible.
But unfortunately, certain things I like but are not healthy.
Therefore, information is needed to eat efficiently and not wasteful.
There is food that I do not like, even though they have high nutrients.
I will look for substitute rather than forcing myself to eat and prepare a nutritional balance.
The food with efficient combination of nutrition has helped to improve my diet.

Now you can easily get something that you need to eat right away. You can enjoy your meal even more if you try new recipe and discoveries in your daily diet, share enjoyable conversations with your family and your life can be richer.

About the Author

Mamie H. Ogata
Principal of OEUF Limited
Born in Hong Kong and educated in Tokyo. Returned to Hong Kong after eight years in Shanghai. Family’s background in medical, change her profession into Elderly Care after 20 years spent in architecture. An entrepreneur who introduces Japanese Elderly Care to Hong Kong from a different perspective. With partnerships in Japan and Taiwan.

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