Building A Team In Co-Working Space

Since the concept of co-working space has been evolving in these recent years, there are lots of chances you may have to work in a co-working office for a while or in long-term even you are currently an officer in a traditional office from a large corporate. Compared with the old styled office setting, for a leader, you need to lead your team in an innovative way so as to survive in a changing environment. A co-working space is excellent for sharing ideas, focusing on work and having a flexible schedule, but you may feel struggled to be in a co-working space in the beginning. Hence, there are several useful tips for you to take in order to better equip yourself before going to a co-working space or facilitating your development there.

Here are some essential elements for you to create your own teams within a co-working space:

Ensure A Free Flow of Knowledge

Being a leader of a company in co-working space, you should realize that the reason for joining a co-working space is to enhance the innovation of ground-breaking ideas. Hence, there should be strategies for identifying, recording, analysing and most importantly, sharing your knowledge among your teammates. Applying the most appropriate communication process guiding your team to keep them constantly discovering and sharing their thoughts will be important. Different features including work-related, relaxing or even complains can be built for facilitating the effectiveness of information flow inside the workplace. A great co-working space can let you develop an environment like this under its flexibility.

Searching for Your Own Culture

A co-working space is a fast-paced and diverse environment while you may get lost being surrounded by various business ideas. However, you can also find it as a precious opportunity to review the others and develop your own dedicated company culture. Having great knowledge management as mentioned in the last part, you should be able to realize your strengths and weaknesses working in a co-working space. At the same time, you should always keep your core competence well and try to look for collaboration with the others there. This repeated process can help you enhance your organizational culture until it becomes your favourite one.

Having Fun Outside and Inside

The biggest advantage of co-working space is working without the limitation of a fixed time schedule which means that you have lots of opportunities to hold multiple events from time to time. Taking this chance tightly with constant gathering, holding group fun days, exercising regularly will help your team to develop a stronger bond outside the office. Those extra activities can further boost the team-working efficiency while it makes your culture not over-rely on the co-working community, but your own culture. It can also be achieved during your work, setting some habits for work, such as having an everyday meet-up or resting time can make teammates feel that they are being cared and involved.

More Focusing on Your Own

Coworking environment is an amazing place for driving innovation and enhancing collaboration. However, at some time, you may want to take a break from the others and focus on your own business, especially when you have found some great ideas instantly and want to work them out. Hence, a pair of noise-cancelling headphone may be a good choice for you to start your own creation without any interruption. For some co-working space, holding your important meeting or Skype-calling in an isolated conference room is also a great deal for you. Being flexible is the biggest advantage of working at a co-working space.

Personalize Their Area

Although each company has its own culture, it may not perfectly suit every single employee for their daily operation. Letting your teammates personalize their own desk could be highly appreciated that they can turn their office into their own place for work. This possibility of increasing the efficiency of the workers via customization is also attributed by the nature of a co-working space. Moreover, being creative in floor planning in a configuration where an easy communication process can thrive between each employee will be great.

When you decide to start something in a co-working space, you should be ready to work in a bit more challenging environment which may confuse you in some ways. However, the potential benefits brought by a co-working space are fascinating and inspirational. A new way of working with a group of talented teams, don’t you feel excited at this moment?

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