Central Market – A Confusion of Past & Nowadays

Due to the prior development during the British Colonial era, there are many of the cultural heritage in Central and Western District. For instance, Central Market. Being a very limited number of Bauhaus design in Hong Kong, the Antiquities Advisory Board accorded the Central Market Building a Grade III status in 1990. Since 2009, the government has started Central Market Revitalisation Project for this over 4,000 sq.m. building.


Established in 1842, Central Market has experienced 4 different styles and setting over the past 2 centuries. Until 1939, the 4th generation of building, which is the current building, built. It has a total of 255 market stalls and now become the starting point of Mid-Levels escalator system. Because of the needs of development, it eventually closed in 2003.

Starting from 2009, the announcement of Chief Executive’s 2009-10 Policy Address has led to the conservation and revitalisation. While maintaining the original shape, it aims to

Turn it into a leisure landmark with affordable and unique choices of retails and eateries, and open space where people can meet and hang-out.

Urban Renewal Authority

Recently, the walkway has re-opened for the public to come across after completion of partial renewal on the walkway.


Being the starting point of Mid-Levels escalator, the elevated walkway of this market has been the linkage between the MTR station and the Mid-levels. Visitors can travel and experience the traditional Hong Kong architecture. In addition, it is more convenience for the public to go to SOHO. Here are some of the heritage to explore.

Mid-Levels Escalator & SOHO

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Tai Kwun

WYND Coworking space
WYND Co-working Space

Located in Wyndham Street, Central, WYND Coworking Space is nearby the Mid-levels escalator, opposite of Tai Kwun. Therefore, visiting us is extremely easy, convenience through Hong Kong Station, walkway of Central Market and Mid-levels escalator.

After travelling the heritages in Central, our space provide various memberships for coworkers to finish their works, including Private Office Membership, Dedicated Desk Membership and Hotdesk Membership. Furthermore, our space also provides a pay-per-use scheme for temporary, short terms need for flexible working arrangement. If you are interested, let’s arrange a tour after finishing the tour of historical Cental.

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