How much you know about the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Did you join WYND Mid-Autumn Gathering 2020? Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important and traditional events in Hong Kong. You may easily catch some mooncakes, lanterns everywhere. But do you know the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival? Why people always celebrate this day by preparing many mooncakes?

Is there a woman living on the Full moon?

In the Chinese belief, a “Full Moon” represents the reunion of family. Moon is also reminding people about family and hometown. It is a common tradition that we will have dinner together with some must-eat-foods during Mid-AutumnFestival like mooncakes, traditional tangyuan, taro, pumpkin, etc. The origin of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival comes from a legend called Chang’e (嫦娥) Flying to the Moon. Which is a love story between Chang’e(嫦娥) and Houyi (後羿). Houyi held a memorable ceremony for her wife Chang’e and people followed this ritual. It becomes a tradition of worshiping a goodness Chang’e until now.

Something more than just a mooncake

Mooncake is not the only festival food during Mid-Autumn Festival. People in Guandong will also eat taro as a festival food. This tradition originated in the Song dynasty (1279), the Mongolian invaded China. The Chinese name of taro is “Yu Tou” which is similar to “Hu Tou” (The head of Hu people). Until the late Yuan dynasty, the Chinese hid some message with a paper slip to rebel against the Mongol Government. This is one of the stories about why the Chinese emphasize the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Why is there are numerous incense sticks on the Dragon?

The event of Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dancing has been held for more than 100 years. There was a plague tore over Tai Hang in 1880. To dispel the disaster and drive away from the evil,  villagers crafted and inserted numerous incense sticks over the dragon. During the 14/15 and 16th of the eighth lunar month, villagers drumming, letting off the firecrackers, and dancing with the fire dragon. Tai Hang villagers keep this tradition to lift the plague. This also listed in the third national list of ICH in 2011.

Recap of WYND 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering

Wynd Co-working Space 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering has been held successfully last Thursday (24 SEP). WYND team believes that we are not only providing a space of working but a place for collaborating and networking with others. Even though 2020 is a tough year under the pandemic, let us recap some best moments during the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering. We hope all of our members enjoyed the events and having fun together. 

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We are deeply thankful to T&A Fine Wines offered our community some drinks for the gathering. Our clients shared a great moment together with some wine and cheese …… and also the mooncakes!

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