How can Startup & SMEs benefit from The Chief Executive’s 2019 Policy Address

The 2019 Policy Address was delivered on 16 Oct 2019, according to survey conducted by the HKSAR government, there are more than 9,000 business operations with parent companies in Mainland China or overseas, approximately 20% of them have set up regional headquarters in Hong Kong. Notably, the number of startups have been dramatically rising by almost 50% between 2017-2019. (You can find out the reason by reading our previous blog) With the unstable global economy, the HKSAR government will adopt a variety of policy to support the business development of Startups and SMEs, below are some of the highlights.

(Photo from 2019 Policy Address)

Facing an unstable global economy, a coworking space could be a good option for SMEs business development due to its diversified membership, lower rental price and flexible lease term compared to the traditional office.

Tips from WYND team

Market Expansion Support to Trade & Investment

Expanding market to other regions is never an easy decision; lack of capital could be the most common difficulties for entrepreneurs. Hence, the Financial Secretary has announced an increase in funding.

  • SME Export Marketing Fund: $1 billion injections
    Double the ceiling of cumulative funding to $800,000
  • Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales: $2 billion injections
    The BUD’s fund Mainland Programme and FTA Programme will offer a double of funding to $2 million per enterprises.
  • SME Financing Guarantee Scheme: A new 90% guarantee for approved loans to help individuals seeking to establish startups, SMEs with relatively less operating experience.
  • SME Financing Guarantee Scheme and the SME Loan Guarantee Scheme: A new measure in which enterprises may apply for principal moratorium of up to 6 months. (Only interest is required to be paid during that period)

Taxation Concession to Logistics Industry

Facing the potential worsening trade barriers in the global market, the government decided to help minimizing the cost of logistics industry.

  • Plan to provide concessionary on taxation for qualified ship lessors and qualified ship leasing managers so as to attract companies to develop ship leasing business in Hong Kong
  • Plan to introduce tax concessionary measures to encourage more commercial principals of the maritime industry

Collaboration with Cyberport

Cyberport has been a well-know location for different business such as fin-tech since they provide many of the support. In the upcoming future, the government and Cyberport will have collaboration in supporting them.

  • Enhance Fintech specific training for in-service financial practitioners to enrich the Fintech talent pool and promote Fintech applications in the traditional financial industries
  • Collaboration with Cyberport to establish an event space called “Fintech@Gloucester”,  for stakeholders such as traditional financial industries, Fintech companies, training institutions, to exchange ideas and have meeting

Besides Cyberport, choosing an office/ a coworking space in CBDs like Central can help you get the first-hand market information. Try to find out some recommendation by search keywords like “Coworking Space Central”.

Tips from WYND team

Extended Coverage of Innovation and Technology Industry

It’s popular that Innovation and Technology industry is a potential industry. However, R&D always requires investment and time. In order to support them, there will be a widening coverage of programme to related businesses.

To understand the full version in Policy Address 2019, please click me.

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