How Study Space Can Be Your Best Choice During COVID-19

Study spaces (Chinese: 自修室)  may be the most wanted place you are looking for during the spread of coronavirus. Affected by the current medical issue, social distancing has led to the closure of office and campus. In response to the situation happening in the city, some coworking space has transferred into a multifunctional space for educational and business purposes.

study Space may be a great solution

Some professional business coworking space is now offering flexible co-study space for those who are being affected by the COVID-19. Working or studying from home has never been a good solution for Hong Kong people. Due to limited space at home, it is not easy for most of us to focus on their work or study.

Located in the Central and Western District, WYND Co-working Space has led the trend offering flexible hours and low hourly prices for affected students and professionals. You may find the details of the scheme here. As a space provider and operator, WYND has followed the regulation sat by the government as the following:

Study Space Central

Facing the COVID-19:

  • Sanitization and temperature measurement is a must for all users.
  • Everyone entering the space for the first time has to sign a detailed health declaration form.
  • Tables are arranged to ensure there is a distance of at least 1.5 meters between one table and another
  • No more than 4 people are allowed to be seated together
  • The office is sanitized and cleaned on a daily basis

Constantly receiving updates from the official, WYND team will make sure that the co-study space is maintaining the highest level of cleanliness at any moment. 

Apart from a standard co-working space and private office rooms, WYND Co-working Space is offering all the essential components for you to achieve the highest efficiency at work or study.

  • Half hourly rate is available for achieving the highest flexibility
  • Extended opening hour from 9am-10pm for weekdays | 11am-8pm for Sat & Public Holiday
  • Walk-ins available and no booking in advance required
  • Complimentary beverage and snacks are provided
  • High-speed Internet with both wired and WIFI connection
  • Professional confessional room with licensed system and camera
    (supporting ZOOM, Skype for business and other online meeting platforms)
  • Comfortable and quiet study space with an excellent view towards Tai Kwun (Chinese: 大館)

WYND Co-working Space has supported and cultivated numerous startups both in Hong Kong and worldwide. Now, WYND team is adopting these new challenges and transforming the business to suit the changing community.

If you are looking for a co-study space or a co-working space, WYND Co-working Space is the best of choice for you. Feel free to contact here for further information.

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