How to Choose a Meeting Room?

Building a good relationship with clients is always essential for a business. A team meeting is also beneficial to team operation. Adopting the New Normal, many businesses decide to have video conference such as Zoom or Skype. But we cannot ignore the fact that some might feel difficult to Work From Home. Hence, a meeting room or conference room in a coworking space would be an ideal choice.

By choosing a proper meeting room, it assists in the enhancement of working efficiency. This guide will provide some key elements to note while finding a suitable meeting room.

Meeting Room Central

Accessibility for the team and clients is always the first priority for choosing a meeting room. It should be 5 mins walk from public transport station. If it is too far from it or too difficult to reach, it might lead to the problem of late. It eventually greatly affects the impression of the team.

Apart from it, considering the convenient of the clients, booking a conference room close to their business might increase the satisfaction of the clients. As a result, it could improve the chance to turn a lead to a customer.

👉Tips from WYND team: In order to be professional, having a meeting in a CBD such as Central district is a proper option.


In order to facilitate communication, different features need to be utilised. For instance, video conference system with a display would be fundamental equipment to work remotely. To maintain the quality of conversation, stable, high-speed wifi is needed.

👉Tips from WYND team: All of our meeting rooms are with LAN ports, you can ask our team for a LAN cable while using the room.

While conducting an in-person meeting or internal team meeting, privacy could be a point to aware. It is common to use frosted glass to protect privacy. But taking account to brightness, a curtain seems to be better to adjust according to their needs.

WYND - Meeting Room

Generally, meeting room in coworking space or serviced office is charged by an hour. However, sometimes, you will have different needs for your meeting. While conducting a short interview, probably you might only need half an hour. It is not worthy to pay for an hourly rate. While holding a webinar or attending a conference, it might take 4-5 hours or even a full day. Having flexibility for short time booking or long time booking will let you have better planning in the New Normal era.

👉Tips from WYND team: To maximum flexibility, our meeting room us charged by half hourly rate; not the hourly rate. If you plan to have a regular meeting with clients, we also offer voucher.

Successful Meeting

The reason why you need to book a meeting room is served as an alternative place to work or have a meeting. While using the meeting room, it is important to taking account that if you are productive in the meeting venue. Before you make the decision to book the conference room, it is suggested to have a site visit and take some photos. Hence, you can have a perception of whether the meeting room suits your needs.

If you need a venue to meet your client or for a meeting, please feel free to contact us to book a room.

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