Is MeWe Next Facebook for Business?

A few years ago, when we talked about social media, Facebook is always a representative; with over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of 2020. However, due to the dispute regarding privacy concern, many of the people are deciding to change to other social media. Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also asks people to leave Facebook. As an alternative to Facebook, people started to explore MeWe. Although many people are discussing MeWe, to entrepreneurs, whether it can replace Facebook, the answer still remains unknown.

MeWe-Google Trend

👉Tips from WYND team: If you are targeting Chinese market, don’t forget to check out our blog on the sales campaign ideas on Chinese Social Media.


MeWe is a social networking site that’s currently experiencing a surge in new user who do not want to use Twitter or Facebook anymore. It shapes itself as the “next-gen social network” and they focus on data privacy and ad-free experience.


As mentioned, there are over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of 2020 on Facebook while there are merely 14 million users on MeWe. The size is obviously different; if you want to enhance your business’ brand awareness, there could be a limitation for MeWe users. However, in recent months, its growth is amazing, with approximately 400,000 new users EVERY DAY. If the trend continues, it is extremely potent.

Another unique different is Facebook adopts an algorithm to “select and show” the content according to your interests. If your product is well-known, Facebook definitely can assist in generating lead. Meanwhile, unlike Facebook, MeWe claims with no algorithm. It shows the audience all the posts you follow according to publish time. To a start-up/SMEs, it seems like it’s an option to promote your brand.

👉Tips from WYND team: MeWe users can search the pages according to the groupping, it is easier for the page to get impression.

Social Media including MeWe
Cloud Storage

Sometimes, you might need to share a document with your team/customers on social media. Using Facebook, you can integrate with cloud storage. However, it takes a lot of times to do it. To makes things simple, in contrast, MeWe provides 8GB free storage, and you can upgrade for additional storage.


It is common for a business to have a Facebook page as it is free to set up. However, opening a page in MeWe, it requires $1.99 USD/mth. Facing the uncertainty of marketing effect on MeWe, it is suggested to consider detailly.

👉Tips from WYND team: There are 30 days free trials for MeWe, you can take the advantages and decide if you want to extend.

Since MeWe is an ad-free social media, there would be no advertisement to boost the posts or doing promotion. All of the marketing relies on the daily effort to update the page.

Tracking MeWe

Comparing Facebook & MeWe, it seems like Facebook it’s still a better platform for entrepreneurs. Yet, MeWe is a potential platform and they are not a contradiction. It is suggested that firms should start exploring the functions of it and prepare for the future. If you can start earlier than your industry, it could assist in the expansion of the market to its users.

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