Tips on Reducing Stress At Work

2020 has been a torturing year for Hong Kongers. According to the survey conducted by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, 87 per cent of the employees suffer from serious work stress. Meanwhile, half of the interviewed employees reported anxiety disorder under the epidemic. In this blog, the WYND team is going to share tips on reducing work stress.

Five Tips on Combating Stress

In order to combat stress and anxiety, here are a few ways that you may adopt.

  • Track your stressors
    The American Psychological Association suggests one to keep a weekly journal to identify stressful situations. It would be better to record your response to the stressors too! This allows you to find patterns among your stressors and to figure out the best way to cope with them.
  • Stay organised
    Sometimes, having a messy schedule can be a major cause of stress. By being an organised and well-planned person, you can minimise the chances of clutter and reduce times of rushing and fighting deadlines. Eventually, it is believed that everyone can find their own comfortable pace to work.
  • Learn How to Relax
    It is understandable that stress is unavoidable. Thus, it is crucial that we know how to relax. Meditation, mindfulness and deep breathing exercises are good techniques. These enable us to pay attention to ourselves and our own experiences, putting our mind and body in a calm and relaxed state.
  • Work Out Regularly
    While doing sports, our minds will release endorphins. Other than relieving pain, this chemical can produce a feeling of euphoria and maximise our happiness. 
  • Talk to others
    Voicing out is important. In times of difficulties, do not hesitate to seek help and support. By reducing your emotional intensity and clear your thoughts, you can then deal with your problems calmly and find a way out.

In Our Coworking Space

Wynd is a community with a soothing environment. When you feel stressed, feel free to grab a cup of coffee, go out of the balcony and get some fresh air. Clear your thoughts and relax before resuming your work. Have faith and you will surely find a way out! Always remember, health first, and work next!

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