Why Your Workspace Needs Natural Light?

Generally, people prefer to live out their lives under natural sunlight rather than artificial light. A survey conducted by Harvard Business Review indicates access to natural light is the top attribute workers want in their workspace. This is not just an opinion by the interviewee. In fact, there are scientifically-proven benefits for natural lighting in an office space.

natural light in balcony
Workers are Healthier

According to a study at University of Oregon, the quality of the view from a person’s desk and their exposure to natural light are interconnected with the amount of sick time they take. In the study, those who had nice views of the outside and received a decent amount of sunlight took 6.5% less sick leave than others. When exposed to sunlight, the skin would absorb vitamin D. This “sunshine vitamin” will reduce strain, reports of headaches, the risk of heart disease and various cancers.

👉 Tips from WYND Team: To stay healthy, a good air ventilation is also essential. Our coworking space is a very few coworking space with large windows and balconies in Central district.

Enhancement of Productivity

A study from Pacific Gas & Electric shows that sales in the skylighted stores were almost 40% higher than sales in stores with only fluorescent lighting. This is also true in other industries, particular to those who needs creativity like architecture, marketing. With ample natural sunlight in the office, workers can have more concentration on the work and make fewer mistakes. As a result, it would be easier to drive more revenue.

Boosting Team Spirit

It is believed that working in a bright workspace with natural light assists in the engagement of a team. Being engaged in a team, they are more likely to collaborate with other team members. Hence, the increase in collaboration might lead to the rise of productivity and success. Moreover, workers usually feel more inviting while in a bright and spacious office space. As a matter of fact, they are less likely to feel depressed due to work pressure and improved emotional health.

👉 Tips from WYND Team: Working in a coworking space, it is not only an opportunity to create team spirit, it is also an opportunity to explore collaboration internally and externally. The vibrant community in WYND helps building connection with different expert in differnt industries and cultural background.

Reduction on the use of electricity

Adopting artificial lighting, in general, requires a third of electric use in a commercial building. It could be a high consumption in circumstances. It is not eco-friendly and sometimes results in a waste of energy. However, with sufficient natural light, it can reduce the use of electricity in the office. Thus, the cost of electricity can be lower. To avoid a hot workspace due to too much sunlight during summer, setting up a curtain can also be an option.

open view with natural light
Our Space

With the large windows in the open space looking out to 1840s-built heritage site Tai Kwun and let in ample natural light, our coworking space is comfortable for people who are looking for a workspace in Central. Furthermore, ranging from On Demand Coworking Scheme to Private Office Membership, it is a perfect nurturing environment for startups, SMEs and social enterprises alike.

Getting more natural sunlight would not directly driven revenue but it might improve business performance. If the lack of natural light seems to be a mental health burden to the team, probably it is the time to move the desk closer to a window or relocate the office in a windowed coworking space/serviced office.

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