How to choose the best stored value facility for the Consumption Voucher Scheme?

In order to boost the local economy, the government has introduced the Consumption Voucher Scheme (“the Scheme”) for Hong Kong permanent residents, giving out electronic consumption vouchers with a total value of $5,000. There are four ways to receive the vouchers: AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK, Tap & Go, and Octopus. While the collection of vouchers through Octopus will be separated into 3 rounds (1st, 2nd: $2,000 (with time range), 3rd: $1,000 (without time range), the collection of vouchers through the rest payment method will be separated in 2 rounds (1st: $2,000, 2nd: $3,000 (both with time range). WYND team is going to compare each payment method to help you find out the best way that suits your spending habit.



AlipayHK covers more than 100,000 stores in Hong Kong, ranging from retail outlets to different popular local online shops. It supports large amounts of spending by topping up with sufficient balance to the account or linking it to the credit card or bank account. Users can pay by scanning the QR code.

WeChat pay HK

WeChat Pay HK

WeChat Pay HK supports the payment for both physical and online stores. Users can pay by scanning the QR code. It also provides different promotions to WeChat Pay HK applicants. 



Octopus supports payments in different stores and their online platforms. Users can use it with a physical Octopus card or Octopus App. It is suitable for people who would like to spend the voucher on daily uses such as transports, meals and daily necessities.

Tap & go

Tap & Go

Tap & Go has wide coverage in physical and online shops that accept Mastercard cards, UnionPay QuickPass/ UnionPay QR code payment, as well as Faster Payment System (FPS). Users can add the payment method to Apple Wallet or Google Pay to pay at retail shops or scan the UnionPay QR code of merchants in UnionPay App. It is suitable for people who are planning some big purchases with the $5,000 vouchers.

where can I spend my $5,000 on?

WYND Coworking Space

If you have not planned how to use your voucher yet, you may consider using it to cover the expenses of running your business operation.

WYND provides flexible office packages that best fits your working need and provide you with the most comfortable working environment at reasonable prices. WYND supports all types of payments including Octopus, Alipay, Wechat Pay, Visa & Mastercard and American Express Credit card that are under the Scheme. In addition, we also take American Express, Stripe (Online), Paypal and other credit cards.

  • Day Pass: $265/day/head
  • Conference Room: $110 up/hr
  • Part-time Hotdesk: $930/month/head
  • Full-time Hotdesk: $1,450/month/head
  • Dedicated Desk: $3,350/month/head
  • Private Office: (2 PAX) $8,500/month
  •             (3 PAX) $9,750/month
  •             (4 PAX) $12,200/month
  • Virtue Office: $200/month

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