Trends of Chinese New Year 2021 Marketing

Chinese New Year is no doubt the most essential festival in Chinese society. It is a great opportunity to driven the business. However, with the year’s celebrations curtailed by the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese New Year 2021 marketing plans are extremely influenced. In order to manage the sudden change of the world, marketers must be aware of the consumer trend.

Chinese New Year Marketing
Enhancement of Digitisation

Even before the pandemic, Chinese society has been a global digital society. From Facebook, Instagram, recent trending Mewe, to Baidu, Weibo, there are vast numbers of platform to enter Greater China market. The coronavirus pandemic has only served to accelerate the digital evolution, and drive rapid growth of a “stay-at-home” economy. For instance, at the start of coronavirus last year, there was a growth of 35 times for the use of virtual showrooms.

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The transformation of consumer behaviour is very likely to continue and growing faster. Hence, marketers should adopt in more digital channels. Furthermore, live streaming with communication to the audiences is also beneficial to build brand awareness.

More at-home activities

Afraid for the infection, people are less likely to go out for unnecessarily needed activities. As a result, not only the term “Work From Home” becoming a global trend, “Stay At Home” economy such as online shopping, remote learning has been an alternative to traditional offline activities.

Although family/ friend gathering is a tradition of Chinese New Year, the trend of at-home activities seems to continue in the Year of Ox. Therefore, marketers can consider promoting online solution, home use products & family-based producs. Moreover, if you promote home use products, it would be great if there is shipping.

Chinese New Year Marketing Health Product
Increment of Focus on Health & Pandemic Prevention

Under a year of global pandemic, it is not surprising that people have risen the awareness of health & pandemic prevention. While in Hong Kong, fitness centres are required to be closed, there are only very few places to have exercise. Seeking a healthy lifestyle while staying at home, promoting health and safety products such as fruits or cleaning products would help to attract your audiences.

Chinese New Year 2021
Prepare for the Year of Ox

Chinese New Year is coming very soon, with less than a month. The world is changing very quickly now, you are recommended to observe the market trend daily and react to the market immediately. Adopting various digital platforms for “at-home” products or health products in the Chinese New Year 2021 marketing plan would be a great key to gain success in the early year.

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