Does Exam Ever Rule Your World? 

In this knowledge-based society, teens’ lives have been overwhelmed by the boundless sea of exams and school work. To make the best use of time, everyone should learn to study wise! Here’re several study tips that you may refer to in order to get prepared for the next academic year.

Five Study/Exam Tips that You Should Know

  • Plan Ahead
    Planning is always essential for effective learning. Get everything planned in advance, so you will not lose track in the middle of your revision. On the other hand, work out the time needed to travel to the exam venue. Do remember to add on spare time so you will not feel frazzled after your journey!
  • Take regular breaks
    Study marathons are always the worst way to study. In order to have long-term retention of knowledge, taking regular breaks helps indeed! “The Tomato Timer” is one of the most popular methods. It suggests breaking a long working period into intervals, 25 minutes in length and separated by short breaks. Yet, developing your own study routine that you feel comfortable with has the utmost importance!
  • Polish your skills by working on Past Papers
    Past Papers are always good tools to facilitate you to familiarise yourself with the exams’ format. Meanwhile, time yourself to ensure you spend the right proportion of time in each session. Afterwards, refer to the marking scheme to check out the scoring points for each question. By the above, you will be able to maximise the use of each paper to polish your skills and stand out in exams!
  • Form Study Groups
    Exchanging ideas with peers can always enhance the effectiveness of your learning. It is true that group work may not fly with everyone, but for those who do, do try and form study groups with your studious classmates. Review concepts together and gain new insights.
  • Organise your Study Space
    A good study atmosphere can always boost your learning effectiveness. It is important to do some cleanups to ensure you have enough space to spread your study materials. Also, this can help you to be more focused by getting rid of the distractions and temptations. If your desk is not spacious enough, going to a coworking space for revision might be a good choice!

In WYND Coworking Space

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