How to utilise digital platform to boost your business?

In the 21st century, technology has been developing rapidly. Despite the use of traditional mediums such as television ads and news ads, more and more companies are utilising the digital platform as a major way of promotion to boost their business.

In this blog, the WYND team will introduce four widely used digital platform and ways to advertise on them. 


  1. Story Ads
    According to the official data provided by Instagram, over 500 million account users read Instagram stories every day. Complementing your feed content with ads on Instagram stories is a great idea to draw the public’s attention.
  2. Photos/Videos Ads
    The photo attached can be in a square or landscape format. Links of your company can be enclosed to facilitate users to browse your page!
  3. Ads in Explore
    Explore is a page where people explore brand new content that interests them. Every person’s Explore page is unique, filled with personalised content that features their interested topics and issues. You will gain the ability to discover people’s mindset through Explore.


On Facebook, you can run ads easily and reach people on their favourite app and page. Just a few clicks, then you will be able to build your advertisement and set it to run automatically. The ads will be shown on whatever device the audience is using at the moment. Facebook IQ will also provide you with insights to create the best marketing strategy for your business. 


Google has been one of the most frequently browsed platforms. When a Google Ad has been created, your ad will pop up whenever someone searches for products or services like yours. A right-timing ad can always turn people into your valuable customers. 


In Youtube, ads will pop up before or during audiences’ video watching. There are mainly five types of ads. The video lengths last from 6 to 20 seconds while some are skippable but some are not.

  1. TrueView for Reach
  2. Bumper Ads
  3. Reservation 15/20s 
  4. Outstream video ads
  5. Masthead

For more information regarding different types of ads, you may refer to the official website of Youtube Ads.

Under the great hit of the epidemic, it’s time to explore new marketing strategies and improve your business! It is believed that we all can find a way out to survive in hard times!

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