Responding to the Daunting Virus Outbreak

Further to our previous blog, the epidemic reached a new peak this week. Compared to the previous week, a doubled amount of cases have been reported. Responding to the large-scale daunting virus outbreak, it is important for every single one of us to be vigilant. We should all take parts in combating the epidemic.

World’s Leading Companies’ Responses to COVID-19

Around the world, thousands of companies with millions of employees have adopted the “work-from-home” mode. They claimed that this mode might not be sustainable in keeping clients engaged in the long run. In order to survive, the hub-and-spoke model is introduced. It can avoid employees from commuting in public transportation and effectively reduced daily headcount in the office to combat the virus. Most importantly, ensuring the company’s smooth operation.

The HVAC Approach

In the HVAC Approach, H stands for Heat, V stands for Ventilation, AC stands for Air Conditioning. These are elements that control the amount and cleanliness of the air in an enclosed area and the air’s provision of overall thermal comfort. As they have tremendous impacts on the spread and survival of airborne viruses, it is important to maintain the optimum HVAC in the office to ensure workplace safety. Here are some tips to maintain HVAC:

1. Maximise the airflow. 
2. Install a programmable thermostat.
3. Clean the vents.
4. Replace your air filters.
5. Placing green plants in the office area.

In WYND Co-working Space

Our place is bounded by a chain of windows and a balcony. With the availability of open spaces and green plants, it is believed that good ventilation can be maintained. On the other hand, in addition to the measures mentioned in the previous blogs, the WYND team has further strengthened our existing measures to ensure the safety of our members. We put up signs on tables to remind members to wear a face mask properly at all times. If anyone failed to do so, a penalty of HKD $300 would be charged.

It is understandable that the long-lasting virus outbreak is torturing. Alone we might not be able to make a great change. Yet, we should all be reminded of the importance to be considerate, and shoulder the responsibility of keeping people around us safe. While responding to the daunting virus outbreak, let’s stay firm together in times of difficulties and look forward to the day when the epidemic ends.

WYND Co-working Space

Stay safe and healthy!
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