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Tips on Reducing Stress At Work

2020 has been a torturing year for Hong Kongers. According to the survey conducted by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, 87 percent of the employees suffer from serious work stress. Meanwhile, half of the interviewed employees reported anxiety disorder under the epidemic. In this blog, the WYND team is going to share tips on reducing work stress.

Humanitude :ユマニチュード

With its name combining the words “human” and “attitude,” humanitude, was developed by Yves Ginest and Rosette Marescotti of France whose major study was in physical education and has a history of more than 35 years.

Combating the Epidemic

This month, the third round of Coronavirus gives Hong Kong a great hit. Approximately 50 cases were recorded every day and 2 cases of death were reported. Meanwhile, around the world, more than 15 million cases have been diagnosed. Under this devastating situation, the government had no ways but to tighten the current measures of social distancing to combat the epidemic.

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